April 30th – Hp 76 (Berlin)


For this time we gonna make you taste some rare Brazilian Boogie | Disco | Funk in a 100% vinyl party, inviting right from Berlin Dj Hp76!
For the last 20 years Hp76 has been researching and collecting Brazilian music from the 50’s till 80’s only in vinyl. In 2012 he curated a project called “Jazz Samba Hip Hop Bossa Nova” where he used to mix these music genres.
In 2014 he founded a project called “Cooking Brazilian Beats” the only party in Berlin that features such sounds. He plays eclectic grooves from his own culture which these days are becoming more difficult to hear and sometimes unknown even from Brazilian people.
He has been opening concerts for artists like Ed Motta, Karina Buhr, Fumaça Preta, Dj Mako, Gala Drop, Infinite Livez, Gordao Chefe etc. He played in “Fusion Festival” in 2012/2014, did a Portugal Tour in 2015 and a Brazilian Tour in 2016.
As usual, Dj Mks and Dj Skambo will be side by side dropping their best groovy records that won’t let you stop to shake.
Our classic Tupi Video Projection and our tipical tropical decoration will help to create a special feeling of latin pleasure.
Deep grooves in a great sound system and great people in a more than cozy place. We like that combination! 🙂
100% VINYL
10$ all night long.


See ya on the dance floor!


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